Sunday, March 5, 2017

Fri, Sat & Sun March 3-5

- Free gymnastics play and it worked out great with some friends joining us from the ward. 
- Friday night and Saturday morning/afternoon I had the womens conference at the stake center. Uplifting and always fun to see friends but also really enjoy my time with the family. With fires, outside play, pei wei for dinner and popsicles, you can never go wrong . 
We had the Koontz and Yaus over for game night (we've had to r/s several times). Matt and I were not on our A game but still had fun. 
Spring has weeks ago but there are some trees that are just blossoming and one that we call the Popcorn tree and often sing the song from primary. Coop asked if we could make popcorn balls and for some reason it was always a fall tradition but we might change it to spring for my family....that is if we make it. So unhealthy but they are delicious. 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

March 1-2 2017- Wed & Thurs

- I love seeing the pics that Miss Susan posts of Havens class. She loves learning and always thrilled to show me her projects when she gets home. She (and Coop) will tell me to close my eyes and then open them when they have it ready to show me. 
- We've had some really nice weather and grateful for it. We spend a lot of time outside and one day, our sweet neighbor saw us out and asked Coop if he wanted to throw the baseball. He was elated and did pretty well. I had gotten out some chairs for me and the girls and didn't realize how much of a hit they were going to be. We became the cheering section. We then joined in on a little tball game with Robin, Coop, Haven and me. It was a good learning experience for them and fun for all. We love our neighbors! And for some reason, I didn't take a pic (I have a video) of Robin and Coop throwing the ball. Haven also is hilarious in all her posing for pics. Where did this girl come from?! haha

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sun- Tues Feb 26-28

We got the sickies around. Ella one morning was complaining that her 'tummy hurt' and didn't think too much of it until she started coughing and knew what was about to happen. In the process of getting her to the sink(the closest thing I could get to), she began puking. For the most part, she acted fine but would say that her tummy hurt at times. Linc was worse and was really clingy and wanted snuggles. He was running a fever and later threw up on all over me. As gross as it was, I was very grateful it was on me and not over the furniture or carpet! Coop was a big help and got towels and watched Linc. I hated to see my poor Linc man so sick although I did LOVE the snuggles. He has been such a busy boy, exploring everything that it's hard for him to sit still and let me love on him.  Ella also threw up again, a lot, on the carpet while I was nursing Linc. So he was upset I had to take care of Ella and clean up the mess. Even after the puking she acted fine but Tues we skipped our swim lessons...for obvious reasons. 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mardi Gras Party and Papa pics Sat Feb 25

We had our annual Mardi Gras party. I mixed up two different recipes accidentally but it turned out delicious. We invited people in our ward that we haven't had over and it was a fun, smaller turnout. with the beautiful weather, we were able to enjoy outside most of the time. 
(papa sent me over some old pics of him and his parents).
- That night we tucked the kids in, apparently everyone was a little hot- ella unzipped her jammies & Coop slept without a shirt. These kids crack me up.