Saturday, February 4, 2017

Fri- Sat Feb 2-4..Weekend and Circus

- We hung out at the house on Fri- and all sang Happy Bday to Papa which Ella sang for most of the day. That night Coop told me "When I pray (talking about his personal prayers in bed), I always say 'I love you Jesus'". Melt my heart!
- Saturdays big hit was the circus and sadly the last time ever to see the circus. I think it's been around for 143? years- part of American history! We met Lani and Anna and their family there. A cute friend watched Linc for us so that was a huge help! We prob enjoyed the show more than the kids. Haven really was into it  but Coop asked several times if it was almost over. We did splurge on a toy that we bought outside and on cotton candy. I snocone was $12! So the kids were a little upset that they didn't get one. 
I remember going to the circus when I was younger with my mom and siblings. I don't remember too much but do remember parking and remember the acrobats on the ropes. And the elephants (which they didn't have this time because of the animal activist apparently). 
- While I took a nap, Matt excited the kids about cleaning up and I came down stairs to a clean place- such a treat!!
- Leaving the circus was quite a circus itself. We waited 20+ min in the parking garage to leave and then got Linc and then had to get something to eat before Matt and I went out to a Vday party. We didn't eat til after 6. Our sitter beat us home which I told her we would have the youngest two in bed before she got there- oops! Before we left, we had Ella and Linc down so it worked out. We had a great evenings with some church friends .
- From a pic- i wake up early and read on the treadmill and often Coop and Haven will come down stairs and see me. So that was my morning view- a book and the kids which usually end up talking more than I do reading. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Mon- Thursday

- Matt took Ella our for his daddy/daughter date at jamba juice. She enjoyed it and was so cute how quickly she ran to Matt when he asked her if she wanted to come with him. I also enjoyed my smoothie they brought back!
-I've been fighting a cold/and or allergies (Linc too) so on Monday I mostly read to the kids, built block towers, fun not feeling well!
- After school on Tues, Coop's friend came home with us (Declan) and played. Coop and Haven both enjoyed playing with him and it was so nice, we spent the whole time outside expect to eat snacks. 
- I was excited the kids got into their swim class for the time slot we wanted. Not ideal for dinner time but great to not mess up Linc's nap. They had their first lesson on Thurs. The water was chilly and Coop was not too excited about that. The MAC really focuses on technique not distance and we've heard great things about this place. Matt met me there so he could take the kids home and I could go to the temple with friends. 
-With the warmer weather, we've been enjoying trampoline time and the kids LOVE when i act like a tiger and bounce on all 4's. Giggles are contagious and love playing with them. 
I'm still trying to figure out how to spend quality time with each kid while being at home. Coop enjoys playing games (like chess and checkers) while the others aren't quite there yet. While trying to play checkers with Coop, I tried to let Haven help but then whining and her wanting to move incorrectly messes up the time with Coop. So I'm still trying to figure things out and again realized that having kids close together has this issue as a disadvantage. 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Matt is 35!

Matt's bday!! We love celebrating and Coop is my big helper and helps decorate with streamers and balloons. We had breakfast in bed for matt and we went in singing to him. 
Matt told me on the way to church that he had forgotten he was subbing for coop's class in primary and wanted my help. Although I'm one who likes to be prepared, I really enjoyed it and being in primary esp with Coop man. We talked about the 1st vision which is one of my fav topics anyways. 
One thing, we are trying to help with Coop is to be a leader. He has a couple of friends at school and at church that he just wants to follow them. Whatever food they eat, he wants. Whatever pic they draw, he draws. He is such a sweet boy and wants him to be an example to others and help lead them to do good.
After lunch and naps, the cooking began and fun. Outside time with beautiful weather and of course Matt and his fires- he loves making fires. He ran out of propane for his steak and cooked it on a cast iron skillet and he thinks its the best way to do it know. We had a delicious dinner and his fav dessert (or one of them)- banana pudding. 
Matt opened sweet cards and presents. He opened up a card from mimi that had money in it. Coop wanted to find his wallet and was asking me where it was. He wanted to give money to matt of his bday. He also made a sweet card and also wrapped his fireman outfit. He just enjoys giving gifts and celebrating and always so thoughtful. 
We are so grateful for Matt in our family and loves his tickling, fire building, stories and all the joys and laughs he brings.  

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Rest of the week and Saturday

Saturday was the day we had planned to the kids (esp Coop) to the planetarium. We've been talking about our solar system lately and had been really in to it. We went to the nature center and tickets were already sold out but after working Matt's magic, they let us go in. We were able to walk around and explore some of the animals and different stations. The Planetarium was nothing like the one I went to growing up which was on a much bigger scale. It was very tiny and more about the moon. The kids were all into it though and then enjoyed a bday dinner for Matt at Catina . We rarely go out to dinner with the kids for obvious reasons but they did pretty well and enjoyed a little bday treat all together. The kids have been enjoying singing the Happy bday song to their daddy all week even little Ella. 
- below, kids watching a video that my parents sent of them talking to Ella. Ella loves to FaceTime papa and gege. She won't say much but loves hearing their voices and seeing them. I suggested they send a video like they were talking to her and they did. They talked to her and sang the ABC's. She still loves it and the older kids liked it although Coop recognized that it was just a video and not FaceTime