Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring break week!

For our family council we made a list of some fun things that the kids wanted to do- chick flip, park, strawberry patch, etc. We did a good bit of that until I got sick. 
Monday started of with a bang- trip to Lowes to get plants and seeds for the garden.  Since we were passing by chick flia, i decided we could go on and check that one off- so we ate a brunch when it wasn't super busy and Linc took a short power nap. It was perfect and beat the lunch crowd. 
We planted our seeds - did cucumbers, tom, bell peppers and marigolds.  Coop was really excited to try it.We put them in bags like last year when gege showed my how.
- For FHE, we did our Easter egg tradition, 12 eggs filled with things of the saviors last week with the last one being empty. I loved when we all sat down and opened one at a time and discussed it. Of course we hid other ones after and they just love searching for eggs- just like me when I was little and prob most other kids too. 
- Tuesday we had an Easter egg hunt. We normally do it at the Yaus but they were just getting back from a trip so i offered to host. everyone had a great time and Coop doesn't mess around. He does a great job of stopping when he finds his share. Haven and Ella just sat in the grass together and eat all their candy. That evening I went to the temple with Chels and always grateful for the parenting and spouse tips i receive. 
Wednesday we went to the strawberry patch in the afternoon and for some reason always get the dates mixed up when we have the elders. We were a little late leaving to make it home for dinner and Matt called and asked if we had dinner- yes, left over soup. Well, the missionaries where there waiting?! What?! So I made a quick stop to grab pizza that we had to bake at home with all 4 kids who were dirty and hungry. Rushed home with the Elders waiting and cooled the pizza to eat. It was a whirlwind. Coop had ball practice too so short, sweet and crazy! We pulled it off. whew!
Thursday went down hill and got sick quick. Fever, chills, headche. I was useless. I would even fix a snack for linc and had coop feed him. He was a huge help! The heads brought soup over that evening and I ate a bit but felt so rough I could't eat much. 
Fri I took a salt bath, took a nap and did feel better. I took the kids to the park to play with some friends and on the way home I was feeling worse and worse. It was terrible. I went to bed at 7 and slept til the next morning and knew i needed to see the dr....
- Poor Matt is swamped with work and can't help out much and when he is off of work, the kids are wild and the house is a disaster. I physically couldn't do anything and felt so bad! Moms can't get sick!!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Linc and Haven's Bday Pics

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Weekend! 8&9

I had my 1/2 marathon race on Saturday and I was somewhat prepared. I only trained on a treadmill but at least i did my running. It was a cold morning and just me running alone but it was nice. I tried to listen to conference talks but the volume wasn't loud enough to hear and too much noise. But I thought a lot- things I'm grateful for, things I can improve on, what things matter most, etc and to push myself. I really hadn't set a goal since it's been 2 years since I ran one. But when I realized how close I was to the 2hr mark  (the last 2 minutes) i really tried to book it but was just barely shy. But I was impressed! Its a very hilly course and often wanted to just stop but knew I wouldn't be happy with that. I'm happy with what I did. I text matt my time and he called and couldn't believe i was already done! He had the 3 oldest kids with him on his way to see me at the finish line- awwww! Apparently Coop was so upset not seeing me race. I was quicker than they thought! So fun to see them there though even if I was already done!
- I was incredibly sore the rest of the day and more especially the day after. My legs were not used to hills!
-Ice cream trip to sams
- Sunday walk behind the house- so fun to have this behind us- saw about 6 deer when we started out.  Coop and Ella also had quite the crash down the hill on their bike. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

mon- fri April 3-7

- Enjoyed a fun thunderstorm 
- Coop came home one day from school and took a nap and woke up later not feeling well. He cried of a headache and gave him medicine and felt better. The following day after school he napped again and had fever up to 103.7. Poor thing felt so bad. He was a trooper and just took several naps. He  recovered quickly the following day and that was that! whew! While Coop was taking another nap from not feeling well, Ella kissed Coop on the face and patted him several times. So cute to see. 
- After a fun stormy day (which when everyone was sleeping I decided to skip Haven's speech class), we went out and rescued worms we found on the street. 
- Ella has been pulling her feet up and pushing her chair back from the table. One day she did that and instead of sliding it back, it tipped the chair back over. So scary but she was ok just scarred and sure it hurt some. 
- Kids enjoyed  easter egg hunts at school (I helped stuff the eggs for Coops class). We took home Sparkle Fish - coops class' pet.  We hope he survives!
- Linc has been crying after I put him down for the night and Matt works magic and just sings to him while he holds him and he'll lay him back down and he'll go to sleep. He sure loves his daddy!
- Went to the post office to get stamps and while leaving I hear Haven say "and one for you'...she thought they were stickers and was putting them on Ella!